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Titanium anode and salt chlorinator cell

Titanium anode and salt chlorinator cell

1, Our History

Xinxiang Future Hydrochemistry Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise integrated with technology research, manufacture and trade. We are specialized in all kinds of titanium electrodes, MMO anode, DSA anode, electrolytic sodium hypochlorite generator, electrolytic chlorine dioxide generator and salt chlorinator cell and other products. Our company has been deeply involved in the field of electrochemistry for over 30 years and can provide customers with rich professional experience and services. We have an enterprising and energetic team of excellence who are dedicated to their career.

The products has passed the ISO9001 quality system, and all the products are famous brand in China. Our products is not only popular in China but also have been exported to the United States; Australia; Russia; Britain; Czech Republic; Spain; Germany; Japan; Holland; Poland; Turkey; Oman; Philippines; Thailand; Indonesia; Singapore and other countries and regions.

2, Our Factory

Our company has our own patented technology and a number of high-tech technical personnel. With nearly 58 experienced workers, we could ensure the products quality and delivery time for our customers. On the other hand, We can design and manufacture products according to customer’s special demands.

3, Our Product

Our company mainly produce Titanium anodes, Titanium electrodes, Platinized titanium anodes, Ruthenium Iridium coated titanium anodes, Iridium Tantalum coated titanium anodes, MMO anode, DSA anode, Electrolytic sodium hypochlorite generator, Electrolytic hypochlorite generator, Electrolytic chlorine dioxide generator, Saltwater chlorinator cell, Salt chlorine generator, Electrolytic descaling device for circulating cooling water, Electrocatalytic oxidation treatment of organic wastewater, Electrochemical treatment of ammonia nitrogen wastewater, Titanium anodizing etc.

4, Titanium Anode Product Application

■ Titanium anode for electroplating industry

•  Acid copper plating
•  Gold plating
•  Nickel plating
•  Chromium plating
•  Trivalent Chrome Plating
•  Rhodium plating
•  Palladium plating
•  Electro galvanizi ng
•  Copper plating
•  Pulse plating
•  Composite plating
•  Periodic reverse plating
•  Strike plating
•  High speed electro-deposition
•  Barrel plating
•  Electroforming
•  Balancing
•  Printed circuit board plating

■ Titanium anode for water treatment

•  Swimming pool disinfection(salt chlorinator cell)
•  Saltwater chlorinators
•  Water electrolysis
•  Ionizer of water
•  Sewage treatment
•  Recycling of waste water
•  Water Treatment equipment
•  Chlorine dioxide cell

■ Titanium anode for electrowinning and electro refining

•  Copper foil field with high current density
•  Metal refining
•  Electro winning, Extraction of platinum, gold, silver, cobalt, cadmium, copper, nickel, tin, zinc, manganese, etc.

■ Titanium anode for chemical products

• Bromated production
• Iodated production
• Caustic potash
• Production of chlorine dioxide
• Chlorate industry
• Recycling mercury by electrolysis oxidation
• Hypochlorite industry
• Electro chlorination

■ Titanium anode for cathode protection

• Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP)

■ Titanium anode for other uses

• All vanadium redox flow battery
• Electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen gas
• Electrodialysis
• Electrochemical synthesis of 2-methylthiobenzothiazole
• Synthesis of C-3 Aroyl Substituted Imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines via Electrochemical Synthesis
• Electrochemical synthesis of succinic acid
• Electrochemical synthesis of zirconium isopropanol
• Electrochemical synthesis of nickel isooctanoate
• Electrosynthesis of Organic Fluorides
• Electrochemical synthesis of epoxides from vegetable oils

5, Our Service

■ Pre-sale services:
Act as a good adviser and assistant of clients; enable them to obtain more product information to meet their requirements,such as the following content,
Products introduction
Technical communication
Suitable standard product

■ Services during the sale:
Arrange the production for customer, and keep in touch with customers, such as the following content,
Production progress feedback
Advise time of dispatching goods
Update ship information
Notice of customs clearance

■ After-Sale Service:
Provide considerate services to minimize clients’ worries.
12 months warranty
24 hours online service
Providing free quick-wear parts
Replacing main parts with warranty

■ Maintenance after warranty:
For big order, engineers available to service machinery overseas

If you are looking for the above products, don’t hesitate, please contact us immediately, we will be the perfect provider to meet your requirements. Please let us know your specifications, dimensions and other detail requirements, our engineers are ready to help you.

In the past decades, we have provided our customers titanium anodes and salt chlorinator, salt chlorine generator, electrolytic sodium hypochlorite generator etc with high quality, long lifetime; helped our customers to solve difficult application problems; improved production quality and reduced the cost. We will continue to work with our customers together to be the best.